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Our mission at Key Complete Therapies is to assist individuals, families, and caregivers of all ages in achieving the highest level of functional independence in mobility, self-care, communication, and safety. Each member of our comprehensive team of therapists specializes in a specific area of treatment, allowing us to offer an all-encompassing range of skilled services. We have the resources, experience, and compassion required to help you thrive in your natural environment.

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About Key Complete Therapies

With a qualified team of therapists licensed in PT, OT and speech, we are the only outpatient provider in the area to offer a complete range of services via in-person treatment, telerehab, individual therapy, and group therapy.

At Key Complete will work with you one-on-one to help you maximize your independence and reach your goals. Our extensive education and years of experience allow us to put our own spin on evidence-based treatment methods to create a personalized plan for recovery. The best part is, we provide treatment in the environment where you feel most comfortable.

Our network is made up of 17 different insurance plans to offer accessible therapy to as many patients as possible. If we do not partner with your insurance plan, please get in touch with us to discuss out-of-network and private pay opportunities.

Physical Therapy

Do you have difficulty moving safely and effectively around your environment?

Our physical therapists can help. As movement experts, they improve mobility and quality of life for people of all ages so that they can live a more active and independent life. From newborns to those needing end-of-life care, we can prevent and manage your medical conditions through prescribed exercise, hands-on treatment, and patient education.

Occupational Therapy

Are you struggling with day-to-day activities in various environments?

Our occupational therapists are here to assist you with those everyday tasks. By applying therapeutic practices to daily activities, we help people in every stage of life acquire the skills they need to take care of themselves and others by focusing treatment on underlying problems related to strength, dexterity, sensory processing, balance, and cognition. In addition, our occupational therapy practitioners utilize a summary of your history and experiences, daily living patterns, values, and interests to develop a client-centered intervention that’s meaningfully built around your needs.

Speech Therapy

Do you have a hard time speaking, understanding language, or chewing and swallowing food?

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are experts that can treat cognitive communication, fluency, speech, language, and swallowing disorders for people of all ages. Whether you struggle with pronunciation, following directions, learning new words, or speaking in complete sentences, our SLPs can improve your communication and behavior to help you better get along with others. If you have a swallowing disorder, also known as dysphagia, we’ll provide you with a thoughtful set of skills and strategies that keep you safe and competent in social situations.

Health and Wellness

Our non-traditional services tell the rest of the health story beyond PT, OT and SLP.  We offer a broad scope of therapeutic services not covered by traditional medical insurances to benefit your quality of life at any age and help you prevent or cope with injuries, illness or disability. Each of our services is provided by licensed therapists with diverse specialties who are known regionally for their expertise. Don’t limit yourself to the confines of traditional therapies — you deserve holistic, personalized lifestyle management from Key Complete Therapies.

Home Access Design

With prescriptive use of equipment and structural changes, we adapt home environments to benefit aging people and those with disabilities so they can live safely and independently.

Certified Health and Wellness Coaching

Key Complete Therapies’ evidence-based health promotion can reverse and prevent chronic medical conditions to improve your quality of lifed.


Massage therapy from our licensed practitioners can lower stress, increase immune function, boost mental health, reduce pain, and improve physical fitness.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a centuries-old system of coordinated body posture and movement that promotes wellness and healing by lowering levels of inflammation-causing Cortisol and increasing energy.


Mindfulness is a type of meditation that serves as a powerful tool for gaining greater emotional control, retraining the brain to stay in the present and learning to react to stress differently.

Intensive Therapy Programming

This programming accelerates the impact of therapy by combining high-frequency traditional therapies with applicable health and wellness services in a group context for social support.

“Thank you for helping my Mom! She does her exercises daily and says she feels stronger and gets up from her chair so much more easily.”

– Janie

“These people knew what they were doing. I like my new wheelchair. It fits better and works better than the old one.”


“I never thought I’d be able to lift up my left foot again, and I’m now using that foot just like I’m using my right foot. I never thought that would happen. I’m so grateful for that.”

-Mary Jane

"Thank you for doing tele-therapy. It's the one normal thing for him right now."




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